I now have a fantasy that is all but guaranteed to give me a strong, high quality orgasm. Of course, it’s fucked up, and I’m a dumb cunt for wanting it to come true.

The idea of a man or, preferably, men, beating me, tossing me around, raping me, and then cumming in me while I beg them not to has…

That’s an awesome fantasy. What’s important is that you maintain your perspective and the ability to separate a fantasy from reality. But if you like I know a group of guys that can make your fantasy a reality. Only catch is they are all black and their packages are huge ;-)

ohmichelleoh asked:

Hi! Luv your blog. You are so right about dressing as girls and sucking and being fucked by black guys. I want giant black cock so bad! I love being the female and having that cock sliding in and out of my holes! I also luv women and would gladly eat out cum from a pussy! Yum. I would luv to be with you and have tons of black guys fucking us both and we could raise the little cute black babies! Aah, wish I was young again and know what I know now. I did not start sucking cock and CD until later

That sound so fun


All women need to have "the talk" with their daughters.

  • Woman: Now when you are starting to become a woman it is important that we have "the talk"
  • Daughter: Talk about what?
  • Woman: Well, boys mostly. You see we women are not as strong as men are, or as clever. They take care of us and makes us happy. We women have all these urges for these beautiful strong men.
  • Daughter: I sure do like boys.
  • Woman: I know you do sweetie, we all do, and that's perfectly natural. The only problem is that we must offer them something for them to want to be with us and take care of us and not just use our bodies and then move on to another woman.
  • Daughter: What can we do?
  • Woman: Good question! All men are different, some men like women to look a certain way, other men want us to look another. Some men like to be touched a certain way, other men in another way. Unlike us they are not all the same. What you must do, if you want a boy to like you is to listen to him very carefully and do what he likes. If he likes your hair a particular way you need to wear it that way. If he likes a certain dress you should wear that dress more often and if he likes you saying certain words you should say them all the time. Do you understand?
  • Daughter I think I do.
  • Woman: That's great sweetie. Well it's not just about doing the things he tells you to do but there is also a need to listen to thing he does not articulate. Like, say he exclaims that he really likes pie one day. Then you should go practice making pie so that you can give him pie whenever he wants. Do you understand that?
  • Daughter: pssh. Obvs, Mum!
  • Woman: That's my good girl! Remember, same thing goes for things he doesn't like. Say you are watching TV one day and he sees a girl wearing a watch and he says that he does not like women who wear mens watches then what should you do?
  • Daughter: Never wear a watch? Throw away all my watches!
  • Woman: That's right Sweetheart! Remember: in order for us to be with these beautiful strong men who makes us so happy we need to change who we are. We need to try to be as pretty and attentive and perfect for them as we can be! Just do what he says and you will be happy! Do you understand?
  • Daughter: Yes mum!
  • Woman: Good girl. Now when we have had the talk here's a pamphlet about your period and how you can be less disgusting to men when it is your time of the month.
  • Daughter: Thanks mum!